Why I picked Pocket

It’s important to keep up to date with all the latest web development articles and blog posts that appear on a daily basis. In the past I’ve often found this difficult as invariably you never have time to read the article at the point of discovery. I’ve been a long time user of Delicious but I needed a more modern ‘save for later’ reader. I plumped for Pocket and I love it. The offline reader is perfect for the 30 minute Tube journey to work and I now steam through two or three articles a day. In addition to the lovely UI, typography and accessibility options here’s three other nice features I found in Pocket.

(Admittedly these may not be unique to Pocket. I’m sure other similar products may have them too.)

  1. One good article always leads to another. However If you’re stuck underground without network all the links are inaccessible. Conveniently Pocket will suggest adding that link to your ‘reading list’ and download it next time you have a connection. Nice.
  2. Reading in bed will often result in the accelerometer thinking you’re reading in the opposite orientation you are actually in. Pocket caters for both orientations but also has a handy screen lock button that briefly pops up when the orientation changes.
  3. The ability to group tag multiple articles is pretty standard but weirdly I wasn’t expecting it and even better it took me seconds to find. Ok, I’m easily pleased.
Written on 11 July, 2013